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The Aroma Touch Massage & Remedial Therapies Clinic now operates at 24 Moore Road, Torrington. Via Boundary Street & Cummer Road. Note: Natasha continues to work from 42 Drayton Road.
(Please do NOT rely on Google Maps! We are not off Carrington Road, nor off Bridge Street.)

All clays used are Australian clays and are all natural, free from colours and dyes.

  • White Clay: This clay is used for calming and soothing the body.
  • Rose Clay: Rose clay promotes firming and toning of the skin
  • Green Clay: This clay helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin
  • Red Clay: This clay is iron-ore based and has drawing qualities.

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Revitalising, Re-balancing massage

A unique blend of clay is formulated to apply to your feet hands, thyroid and pituitary zones to draw impurities from the body. Your abdomen is then massaged with a select blend of essential oils to promote a healthy digestive system. This treatment also includes a full body massage.

Ultimate Body Renewal

The ultimate indulgence to your body. Dry body brushing exfoliates and improves circulation. Warm clay, tailored to your needs is then applied to your entire body followed by a full body massage, relaxing scalp massage and a mini facial. You will walk out feeling beautiful and radiant.

Back Mask

Dry body brushing is used to stimulate your circulation and remove those tired layers of skin. A full body massage follows, relieving those tight and tired muscles leaving you feeling stress free and relaxed.

Tension release Eye Mask

A special blend of clay is used around the eyes to relieve the tension and stress of everyday life. The mask also helps to sooth those tired eyes and eliminate those dark circles caused by overwork and stress.

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