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Indulgent Facial Massage

This is a tension relieving pampering facial which comprises a therapeutic clay mask and then followed by a gentle facial massage. Using natural ingredients the soothing of the clay mask exfoliation promotes a radiant glow and the relaxing massage assists to reduce facial tension. Read more about clay facial treatments ›

Approximately 1 hour.

Feeling Gorgeous Facial

Making you feel absolutely gorgeous! An enzyme peel is used to gently exfoliate away the dead skin cells. We then apply a deeply moisturising infusion of vitamin serum under a warm towel. The vitamin serum re-hydrates tired, dry skin cells naturally and produces a youthful radiance.

Approximately 1hour 15 minutes.

Extreme Body Rejuvenation

This is the extreme rejuvenation indulgence for your entire body! Dry body brushing exfoliates the dead skin cells and improves circulation. Warm, Australian, therapeutic clay is then applied to your body so the tension can be drawn from aching muscles. This is then followed with a therapeutic massage using a soothing moisturiser. To finish your rejuvenation, you are then treated to a relaxing scalp and facial massage.

Approximately 2 hours.

Body Exfoliation With honey, oat bran, walnut shells and cream.

Honey has anti-bacterial properties and rejuvenates tired, lifeless skin. Cream is used to moisturise your skin leaving it to feel soft and smooth. Oat bran and walnut shells are used to form a smooth exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

The natural products we use are all formulated in Australia from Earth’s store of safe, natural ingredients. These products are completely free from synthetic colours, preservatives, fragrances and chemicals.

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