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Corporate Massage Benefits

  • Is convenient as the Therapist comes to your workplace.
  • Involves no tables, towels or oil.
  • Won't disrupt your work day. The massage is 10-15 min (coffee break)
  • Improves morale and productivity.
  • Gives relief from physical and mental stress
  • Decreases neck and back pain
  • Proved reduction in absenteeism
  • Assists in company OH & S obligations

Corporate Massage: Why?

  • Decrease neck and back pain;
  • Relief from physical and mental stress;
  • Improves staff morale;
  • Enhances your team's ability to think more quickly and concentrate better.
  • No disruption to workday.

Corporate Massage: Where?

  • At your desk, in front of the computer;
  • In the staffroom or kitchen;
  • In the storeroom;
  • During meetings.

Corporate Massage: How?

  • Approximately 10-15 min per staff member;
  • No tables, towels or oil;
  • Conducted by only qualified therapists.

Happy staff equals more productive staff

Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your business. Mention the special offer when booking.
Available to all Toowoomba workplaces. Minimum of 4 paying participants per workplace.

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